Termly Overview

Beaver Road Curriculum Newsletter
Spring 1
Dear Parents/Carers,
Here are some details about the topics we will be studying throughout this half term, along with information about supporting your child.
The children begin this half term by looking in detail at balanced arguments.  Our writing will have strong links with the learning challenge question - ‘Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?’ 
Book Focus - The book we will be studying this half term will be ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell.  This book is set in the Viking era and has many stereotypical Viking characters and events.  During the half term we will be creating our own narratives based upon a different character’s viewpoint. We will also be thinking about creating tension for the reader and how best to describe a setting.
SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar), will be taught throughout the above English units, having grammar and punctuation focused lessons where appropriate whilst ensuring the grammar is understood within the context of writing. Spellings will continue to be taught as explained in the spelling letter sent home last term.
Personalised Maths groups continue, giving the opportunity for each child to be in an environment that they feel comfortable and confident with their maths work.  In this half term the focus is on place value, the four written operations and using and applying these strategies to a range of word problems.
Rapid Recall and Mental work- which allows for a deeper understanding of why mathematics is so important- will continue as part of the personalised maths groups. 
Our Learning Challenge in Science this half term is ‘How can you light up your life?’   During this topic the children will be finding out about how light travels, how the eye works, shadows, refraction, reflection and colours.
In year 6 we teach the above through interactive experiments, which allow the children to develop their investigation and questioning skills. 
PE Games: Invasion games/Traditional Games .
Under the guidance of Coach Knowles, the children will learn the basic skills and rules of traditional team games and also learn how to invent their own small games, and how to implement them to work with younger children.
Due to the building work all PE lessons will be taught outdoors. Therefore it is essential that children come to school with warm waterproof clothes. PE is on a Monday and Friday afternoon.
PE KIT REMINDER: No Football Shirts Please
Outdoor PE – White/Yellow T-Shirt/Jumper and Blue or Black Shorts/Tracksuit Bottoms
RE & P.S.H.E   
This half-term the children will be looking at Judaism and the traditions and rituals of the Jewish religion including the sacred book, place of worship and festivals celebrated.  
We will be continuing our work on spreadsheets, answering ‘What if..’ questions whilst our main focus for this half term will be E-safety.
History – Historical Overview
Our Learning Challenge this half term is ‘Were the Vikings always victorious and vicious?’ During this theme we will be looking at the following themes:
*Where and when the Viking invasions took place
*Viking society
*Law and government
*Myths and Legends
*Viking poetry
Modern Foreign Languages
This term your child will continue to develop their ability in speaking and understanding Spanish.
Parents Page
Unfortunately, due to the building work there will be no showcase this half term.
Remember, each week your child receives a piece of Maths and English homework. These will always be posted on twitter on a Friday. @BeaverRoad_Yr6.
 Your child may also have Guided Reading work that may need to be completed before they work with their teacher. Although your child will be focusing on spelling rules in their English lessons we still recommend you help your child learn the Year 5&6 spelling word list which they were given at the start of the year. This can also be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/239784/English_Appendix_1_-_Spelling.pdf
 In preparation for the SATs in May (week commencing the 8th) the children will be regularly tested in both Maths and English. Most of these tests will be sent home so that you can work with your child on any areas they are particularly struggling with. These tests will also help inform the teacher of where more support is required.
Once again, many thanks for your support.
The Year 6 Team
Mrs R Byrne
Mrs H Silva
Mr S Costello
Mr D Berry