Termly Overview

Beaver Road Curriculum Newsletter
Autumn 2
Dear Parents/Carers,
Here are some details about the topics we will be studying throughout this half term, along with information about supporting your child.
The children will begin the half term looking at how newspapers are made and then do some journalistic writing relating to our topic work on equality. They will then learn how to write their own autobiography and then write a biography about Nelson Mandela. To finish the half term they will be writing their own ‘wishing stories’ before designing and making their own pop up books to share with the children lower down the school.
SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar). We will continue with our SPAG work in both focused ‘stand alone’ lessons and through our cross curricular written work, to ensure the children understand the grammar in context. We will continue to have weekly spellings and spelling patterns to learn.
Reading will be taught through whole class reading, where the children will come across a wide range of texts each week related to either the English or Topic work being studied at the time. Language will be a focus to increase the children’s vocabulary which will then be translated into their writing. We will also be using cracking comprehension and reach 100 reading booklets to support our comprehension skills.
We will continue to take a mastery approach to teaching and learning. As number is at the heart of all mathematics we will continue to work on the four operations and begin work on fractions, decimals and percentages.  There will be plenty of time built into the curriculum for reasoning and problem solving.
Rapid Recall and Mental work- which allows for a deeper understanding of why mathematics is so important- will continue. Please support your child in learning their times tables.
Our learning challenge question for Science is ‘Have we always looked like this?’ The children will be studying evolution, inheritance and adaptation. We will also be taking part in the BBC Terrific Scientific project, an ambitious campaign to inspire primary school pupils to discover their inner scientist. The BBC has partnered with leading universities to create a series of child-friendly nationwide scientific investigations. The data gathered is sent to the universities and feeds into real academic studies.
PE Games: Invasion games/Traditional Games.
In PE this term the children will be learning the skills to play handball and tag rugby with Mr Knowles and Dance and Gymnastics with Mr Costello.
PE for Year 6 is Monday and Thursday.
PE KIT REMINDER: No Football Shirts Please
Monday - Outdoor PE – White/Yellow T-Shirt/Jumper and Blue or Black Shorts/Tracksuit Bottoms
Thursday - Indoor PE – White/Yellow T-shirt and Blue or Black Shorts/Leggings
RE & P.S.H.E
In RE this term the children will be exploring the question, ‘How can religion help build a fair world?’. Each week the children will be answering the following questions, ‘What do Xians believe about equality? How have religious believers influenced and changed society? How can I work to overcome prejudice and discrimination in today’s society? Genocide – It could never happen. Do you agree?
With Mrs. Reeve, the children will be building their art and design skills using a wide variety of media. They will explore drawing, painting, printing and 3 dimensional art. They will learn about the formal elements of art and how to represent line, tone, shape, form, pattern, colour, texture, composition and mood in their artwork to share ideas, experiences and imagination. The children will learn about the great artists and movements and art from different times and cultures. They will learn how to evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design.
With Mrs Myers, the children will be learning the History of Music and the Great Composers. The children will listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory. In addition, they will appreciate and understand a wide range of high quality live and recorded music from different traditions and from great composers and musicians.   
As we are studying adaptation in Science the children will identify where the different countries are in the world and what are their key physical and human characteristics. They will then have to research and present how these characteristics have caused animals to adapt to their environments.
This will also link with discovering the positioning and significance of latitude, longitude, the equator and the different time zones.
In computing the children will be discovering how a search engine selects results and also how a search engine ranks a web page. In addition to this, the children will be making short stop motion animations to explain their work on physical and human characteristics and animal adaptation.
Modern Foreign Languages
This term your child will continue to develop their ability in speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. They will write a story using the animal vocabulary they learnt last half term. They will practise using familiar contexts to work out unfamiliar words.
Parents Page
Keep an eye out for updates on what we’ve been up to in our lessons on twitter @BeaverRoad_Yr6
Remember that your child receives each week: spellings to learn, a piece of maths and English/topic homework which is given on a Friday and should be brought back to school on a Wednesday.  Homework club is on a Monday and Tuesday at 12.30pm for anyone who is struggling to find the time to complete their homework at home. Your child may also have Reading work to complete to support the exploration of a text during Whole Class Reading. Even in Year 6, your child will benefit from reading with you, discussing the books they have enjoyed and talking about the intentions of the author and they are never too young to be read a story!
As always, many thanks for your support.
The Year 6 Team
Mrs Byrne
Mrs Silva
Mr Costello