Year 6

The Year 6 experience is a pivotal one for any child - they are at the end of their primary schooling and about to embark on a new phase of their lives at secondary school. Year 6 is the culmination of a child's time at Beaver Road and is therefore hugely important, both academically and emotionally. Our aim is to provide all children with a rich curriculum and a positive and happy final year. Our challenge is to ensure that they are ready to meet the demands of secondary school and move confidently onto the next stage of their learning journey.
The children in Year 6 are aware that they face statutory national assessments this year. We call them the 's' word, as we do not want to make the whole year about these tests! However, the children know that this is a year where they need to work hard and that coping with assessments is a part of life. Our response to this has been to look at famous quotes from a variety of different people, which we hope will help to inspire and guide us through testing times. Many children have brought in quotes from home and these have been discussed in class. The quote we have chosen as a year group comes from Winston Churchill.