Termly Overview

Summer 1 2017
Beaver Road Curriculum Newsletter
Dear Parents/Carers,
Here are some details about the topics we will be studying throughout this half term, along with information about supporting your child. This half term’s topic is, ‘Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?’
English- The children begin this half term by looking in detail at the story of Beowulf. We will imitate and innovate this story, as well as looking at a number of other traditional stories, myths and legends, and culminate in writing our own story based on Beowulf. These include the Legend of Bedd Gelert and Pandora’s Box. This half term, we will also look at stories from other cultures, both British and from around the world, such as Grandpa Chatterji and The Baobab Tree.
Topic- Our topic lessons will look at the Anglo Saxons and their influences on our lives. We will look at Anglo Saxon art and crafts, as well as focusing on Alfred the Great. We will look at Anglo Saxon religion, laws and life. 
SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar)- We will continue with our SPAG work focusing on punctuation through our written work, and grammar essentials.  The children will be continuing their work in a SPAG book.
Mathematics- We will be continuing with our personalised Maths groups in Year 5, giving the opportunity for each child to be in an environment that they feel comfortable and confident with their maths work. We will continue with our weekly challenge checks to assess on a weekly basis. Rapid Recall and Mental work- which allows for a deeper understanding of why mathematics is so important- will continue as part of the personalised maths groups. 
PE Games: Invasion games/Traditional Games- Under the guidance of Coach Knowles the children will learn the basic skills and rules of traditional team games and also learn how to invent their own small games, and how to implement them to work with younger children.
Outdoor PE for Year 5 is Wednesday and Indoor PE is Monday.
PE KIT REMINDER: No Football Shirts Please
Monday - Outdoor PE – White/Yellow T-Shirt/Jumper and Blue or Black Shorts/Tracksuit Bottoms
Wednesday - Indoor PE – White/Yellow T-shirt and Blue or Black Shorts/Leggings
Computing- iPads will be used to enhance the childrens’ work across the curriculum.  The children will be continuing their theme of Computational Thinking.  During this session we will be looking at how to code.
Modern Foreign Languages- This term your child will continue to develop their ability in speaking and understanding Spanish.
Parents Page- Remember that your child receives each week: a piece of maths and literacy homework.  Your child may also have Guided Reading work that may need to be completed before they work with their teacher. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing building work, there will be no parent showcase this half term. Please check our Year 5 objectives on the website as these will help you to support your child throughout the year.
Our homework is given out on a Friday and is due back in on Wednesday.
Once again, many thanks for your support.
The Year 5 Team
Mrs. S Holmes
Miss O'Brien
Mr. T Walsh