Year 2

In Year 2, our lessons incorporate a combination of whole class teaching and small group work; with Kagan structures at the core of all of our teaching and learning. 
Learning is based around a thematic curriculum where the children are encouraged and supported to develop their own questions and enquiries, as well as finding the answers to these through collaborative learning challenges across the curriculum. Furthermore, each child is given the opportunity to 'Review & Reflect' on their learning journey so far, utilising what they have learnt in different contexts - in order to gain a deeper understanding and a real purpose for learning.
The stimulating Learning Environment makes an active contribution to children's independent learning. Interactive displays, high frequency words, technical and ambitious vocabulary, WAGOLLS (what a good one looks like), text features, book corners and easily accessible resources all contribute towards pupil progress.

At Beaver Road Primary School we have set out Learning Essentials for each year group. This document looks at six areas to develop skills in: these include Self Management, Effective Participation, Resourceful thinking, Reflective learning, Independent Enquiry and Teamwork. The continuous areas of learning ensure that children are given opportunities to develop these skills and also consolidate learning objectives independently.