Intra Sport

Intra-School Sports 

Throughout the academic year Mr Knowles teaches our children 6 different sports. At the end of each half term all children in Key Stage 2 will compete in a Intra School Sports tournament. Each class in Key Stage 2 is assigned to a team (Green Eagles, Blue Kestrels Or Yellow Falcons) and points from these tournaments are then totaled up with Sports Day results to give an overall winner for the year.

At the end of the year Mr Knowles holds a "sports assembly". During the assembly we celebrate our Inter and Intra sporting achievements for that year and trophies are awarded to the winners of each year group. Below are the scores so far this year so far.


1st place - Green Eagles      - 3HJ, 4S, 5H, 6B   = 285 points

2nd place - Blue Kestrells   - 3H, 4D, 5O'B, 6S = 275 points 

3rd place - Yellow Falcons  - 3S, 4J, 5W, 6C     = 223 points

Year 3 - 1st place 3S (87 points), 2nd place 3H (66 points), 3rd place 3J (49 points)

Year 4 - 1st place 4s (97 points), 2nd place 4D (66 points), 3rd place 4J (58 points)

Year 5 - 1st place 5H (83 points), 2nd place 5W (78 points), 3rd place 5O'B (51 points)

Year 6 - 1st place 6S (92 points), 2nd place 6C (72 points), 3rd place 6B (56 points)