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Spooky Party raised £2,421.38
Christmas Fair raised £3,087.15
Donation from Didsbury FM £101


Monday 26th February 2017, 4pm, Beaver Rd School


This AGM is to vote in the PTA committee for the continuation of this school year, until July.

We apologise for it being held late this year, but we were so busy organising the Spooky Party & the Christmas Fair.
We will be taking nominations for PTA committee members for the next year (2018/2019) towards the end of this school year, so we can organise the AGM as soon as we get back from the summer holidays.
The school does hope that PTA committee members stand for 2 years, but this is not essential.

Myself (Claire Salter) and Lisa Salter are in our 2nd year as PTA and would really like the chance to see it continue till the end of this school year. We have many events that we have already planned and would like the oppurtunity to see them through and are really looking forward to making the Family Fun Day bigger and better than last years!

We are standing again and Nia Horan (Reception Teacher) has come forward to take the place of Secretary. Nia was amongst our volunteers who helped out with the Christmas Fair this year and like Lisa & myself, is really passionate about the PTA.

Letters have already been sent out in book bags with voting forms attached. Please use these forms to vote for the either the current PTA and Nia Horan, or any other persons, and return them to the school office no later than Friday 16th February.
Even if you'd like the current PTA to continue on the committee, you must still fill in the form and return it to the office, for your vote to count.

If you'd like to attend the AGM, please return the form indicating so, so that we can make sure we have a big enough space for everyone.

Hoping you can all show your support for us again this year.
Claire & Lisa

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School Mini Bus

The new school mini bus has arrived and is already in use this week, transporting the children for competitions etc.
Thank you to everybody for raisng the funds last year. Without your help, there wouldn't be a mini bus!
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