Cookery @ BRPS

We at Beaver Road believe it is equally as important for our children to learn life skills as it is for them to study and meet their required grades. In order to help them implement this in their day to day lives we are now offering cookery lessons to all the children in Years 2-6, paying particular attention to the children who fall into the pupil premium category.
Our cookery lessons are a fun packed hour in which all children learn basic cookery skills, as well as learning to tidy away after themselves too. So don't be surprised if your child offers a helping hand with the washing up after preparing dinner!
Our cookery teacher aims to...
-  keep the lessons interesting by cooking a variety of different cuisines from all over the world from sweet to savoury.
-  meet any dietary requirements the children might have.
-  encourage the children to gain confidence when working with pans.
-  develop confidence in the children to trust their pallet when combining flavours.
- give the children a basic understanding of food, flavours and cooking techniques.
We have had some great results from children who have started out unwilling to go near a pan to then by the end of the term being excited by the prospect of this. Furthermore, there are the children who walk into a lesson mortified by the ingredients on the table, yet after cooking and tasting they discover they don't hate mushrooms after all!
We have seen a lot of your children develop a real passion and confidence with cooking and food in general and hope that you can also encourage this at home, as there are plenty of children showing true talent and flair. Such passion has resulted in us now running an after school club which is dessert focused and gives us more precious time to create our masterpieces. From September we will also be offering places to year four students too. We're very excited about this as they are always so eager to take part in the lessons.
Throughout the year we have had lots of parents and pupils offering kind worlds of encouragement and praise. It is clear our first year of having the cookery classroom fully up and running has been hugely successful.