Sid G Rule Primary School, South Africa

Beaver Road Primary School has a partner school in South Africa, the Sid G Rule Primary School. Sid.G.Rule Primary is located in Grassy Park 7th Avenue, Cape Town. The school opened in January 1962 under the principalship of the late Mr. Sidney Gordon Rule, hence the name of the school.Sid G Rule has a history of involvement with the disadvantaged children of the community it serves.
There are currently 750 students at Sid G Rule aged from 5 to 13.Many of the people living in Grassy Park are the descendants of the first slaves brought to South Africa from Indonesia and Malaysia.
Our Year 6 children engage in a two week project on South Africa in the Summer Term. They study the history and geography of South Africa as well as learning with the help of their friends at Sid G Rule, about apartheid, the freedom struggle and life in today's 'Rainbow Nation'.
There have been exchange visits between staff of the two schools over the past three years. The partnership is supported through the British Council Connecting Classrooms programme.