Ecole Primaire Parc Bellevue, France

Parc Bellevue is located in Marseilles, in the south of France, by the Mediterranean Sea. Our school is situated in a very poor area in the north part of the city. It holds 256 pupils from ages six to eleven. There are sixteen teachers and three assistants. We received the European Label for Learning Languages in 2006 from the European Union.

All the children come from a foreign background (North Africa, Comorian Islands, Tchetchenia...) and French is not their mother tongue.

We organise a lot of activities after school to prevent the children from playing in the streets. These sessions are as varied as sport, English and Spanish classes, computer skills, bellydancing, capoiera and homework club. During the holidays we take the children to museums, libraries, the theatre and the cinema and we also take them on trips to Paris and England.

We invite children from other countries to visit our school. In recent years there have been visits from Peru, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and Mexico. We try to visit their countries too. Our school also runs classes for non French speaking parents.

Parc Bellevue is considered as a pilot school because we take part in all these activities as they are quite unusual for a French school.