Aside from the children and their families, a school is only as successful as the people who work there. We are a very large primary school and we employ over 70 staff. We pride ourselves on the quality of staff we recruit and the working atmosphere and ethos we promote and support. Our school has high expectations of everybody who works here. Excellence and Enjoyment are our watchwords. We have plenty of both.
There is intense competition for jobs at Beaver Road. A teaching post here can attract 100 or sometimes many more applications. We value our staff and many of them have taken the opportunities available to further their skills and careers through the programmes of training and professional development we offer.
Last year two of our senior staff were promoted to Headships of other primary schools. Class teachers have been promoted to Year Leader, Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher posts at Beaver Road as well as other schools. Furthermore, a significant number of the teaching assistants we recruit move on to post graduate training for the teaching profession.
The Headteacher, David How, is a National Leader of Schools and our school a National Support School. David is a board member of the Manchester Schools Alliance and chairs the South Manchester Children's Partnership.
The governing body is responsible for the long term strategic direction of the school. One of its most important functions is to appoint the Headteacher of the school and to hold the post holder and staff to account for school outcomes and the attainment and achievement of pupils, organisation of the curriculum, performance management of staff and securing best value in the use of public funds (i.e. the allocated school budget). 
The governing body has sub committees e.g. curriculum, finance, staffing, premises and health and safety, that do much of the detailed work and advise the governing body when it comes to policies and decision making. At present the school governing body of sixteen, consists of parents, staff members plus local community and business representatives. All are either directly elected or co-opted to the governing body. There are statutory changes to the size of schools governing bodies under consideration by the Department for Education.