Our Governors Statement talks about children at Beaver Road being 'school, local, national and world citizens.' We believe that it is vitally important that children understand the local environment they live in, its history, geography and culture. They need to be able to relate this to their knowledge and experience of Manchester and the North West, England and the United Kingdom. From this point they are better able to understand and make sense of the complexities of the wider world.
Our school enjoys partnerships with schools throughout Europe due to successful participation in EU and British Council funded initiatives. We are currently in the final year of a project on disability and disability awareness with schools in Germany, France, Poland and Spain. Using the London Paralympics as a starting point, children have learned about both the challenges and the triumphs of disabled sportsmen and women, the barriers faced by disabled people in everyday life and what can be done and what can we do, to help them overcome those barriers.
Teachers and teaching assistants from Beaver Road and our partner schools meet two or three times a year in each other's countries to develop learning resources and plan activities. Children have access to and contribute to our website using the languages of the partner schools. We have for the past two years organised an exchange with the Europaschule am Gutspark in Falkansee, Germany whereby children are hosted by English and German families for a week at a time.
Beaver Road also has long distance partnerships with Sid G Rule Primary School in Cape Town, South Africa and more recently Avonlea Primary School in Harare, Zimbabwe. Children exchange letters and information about their lives, their schools and communities and the British Council have funded visits by staff through their Connecting Classrooms programme. Last month we signed a formal partnership agreement with Fengtai Fencaodi Primary School in Beijing following a visit by Chinese colleagues to Beaver Road.
These partnerships open up worldwide perspectives for not only our children but our staff as well. Beaver Road is a truly multicultural School. We have children here with family backgrounds in over thirty different countries from around the world. Twenty six languages at the last count are spoken by our children and their families. Our international curriculum supports and encourages everyone to celebrate our diversity while enhancing our understanding and tolerance of differences.