About BRPS

Beaver Road Primary School is an oversubscribed three form entry primary school, situated in the heart of Didsbury village, South Manchester. Our school was graded to be Outstanding in 2011 and in 2014 Beaver Road maintains the Outstanding grading.

In November 2013, the school converted to Academy status and is now part of the Beaver Road Academy Trust. It is a National Support School and its Headteacher a National Leader of Education.

My School, Your School, Our School

As A Child At Beaver Road Primary School...

I have a chance to dream and my dreams are fostered.
I have many chances to showcase my talents.
I am encouraged to understand my emotions and manage them.
I am encouraged to develop my social skills and how to use them.
I experience the joy of discovering nature.
I experience the joys and wonders of Manchester and the surrounding region.
I am a school, local, national and world citizen.
I have a right to be respected. I have a duty to respect others.

What Do We Learn At Beaver Road Primary School?

We Learn To Know
We Learn To Do
We Learn To Live Together
We Learn To Be

This Is Us